Mandatory School Uniform

To ensure that all students are learning and thriving in a positive and safe environment, students will be required to wear the school uniform at all times. We work each day to encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. We ask that you do the same by supporting our school uniform. We believe standard dress has a positive impact on students’ learning and behavior in and around the school, serves to unite students and increases school pride.

All students are expected to wear the uniforms described below when on campus and during school hours from Monday through Friday.


  • Any William D. Kelley T-Shirt
  • Navy blue shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts

NOTE:  No hooded sweatshirts allowed


  • Pants, shorts, skirts or skorts of any color.

NOTE:  Shorts, skirts and skorts must be knee length.  Skirts must be worn with tights or stockings underneath.


  • All male scholars should wear plain belts with their uniforms.  Hanging pants are not permissible.


  • K-8 students: toes and heels must be covered.
  • K-8 grade scholars’ must wear rubber sole shoes.

NOTE: croc-style shoes, slides, slippers, or any style of shoe that exposes any part of the heel or toes.
Accessories, food, misc.

  • No bags are to be carried throughout the building. (Middle school girls may carry a small bag no larger than a sheet size of paper.)
  • Non-prescription eyewear is not permitted.
  • No headwear, that is not religious, is allowed to be worn inside of the building. (This includes, but is not limited to, hats, scarves, wraps, do-rags, wave caps, etc.).
  • Religious garb should coordinate with the Kelley Colors of Navy and Khaki.
  • Personal cell phones, and other electronic devices, are not to be visible at any time during the course of the day. (If they are visible they will be confiscated).
  • Hair and face beautification products/tools (i.e.-brushes, combs, make-up) are not to be visible during the day or they will be confiscated.
  • Gum, candy, or other food is not to be eaten or visible during class or transition time. (Lunchroom/time is the only exception.)

If a student refuses to stay in uniform throughout the course of the day they will receive disciplinary consequences accordingly.


Morning admission will take place via the schoolyard entrance for students in grades 1st through 8th at 8:30 am. Admission for Kindergarten students will take place in the cafeteria. Any student not entering the school building during the normal school wide admission is considered late. Any student arriving to school late should enter the school via the schoolyard cafeteria door to receive a late slip. After receiving a late slip, a staff member will direct and/or escort students arriving to school after the school-wide admission to class. Please note that the main entrance will not be made available for entry for anyone until after 9:15 am.


During dismissal, all students will be escorted to their dismissal area by staff.  To ensure a safe and orderly dismissal, we ask that all parents wait along the perimeter of the schoolyard during the dismissal process, as to not block the exit doors. Students awaiting siblings are expected to wait in the sibling section. All students are expected to go immediately home.

Unscheduled Early Dismissals

Unscheduled Early Dismissals are not permitted after 2:15 p.m. In the case of an urgent situation the parent must notify the school via phone and speak with the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Head Start

Students attending the Head Start Program are to be dropped off at 8:30 am. Parents must follow Head Start guidelines for admission and dismissal. Student reporting to the school after 8:30 am will have to be escorted to the main office via the cafeteria entrance and wait to be signed in by a head start staffer.

Inclement Weather

In case of more severe weather conditions, which may necessitate the closing of schools, please listen to radio and television alerts concerning “All Philadelphia Public Schools.” Or call (215) 400-7669.  In the event of an early closing of schools, we must know where your child can go if you are not home. Please do not call the school, as this will disrupt our ability to safely dismiss students.

Cell Phone – Electronic Devices Policy

In order to minimize distractions, academic dishonesty, and theft the use of cellular phones and electronic devices are prohibited at the William D. Kelley School.  Use is interpreted as using any cell phone function or feature, not just the sending or receiving of calls. This includes the use in hallways, restrooms, offices or any other place on school grounds. Cell phones must be turned off and kept out of sight.