The mathematics program at William D. Kelley develops curious and disciplined mathematical thinkers who view mathematics as a body of knowledge, a language, and a way of making sense of the world.  Our program offers rich and meaningful tasks, which allow students to explore different strategies, explain their thinking, see mathematics as relevant, struggle productively, and develop as problem-solvers.  At Kelley, we encouraging questioning and curiosity about mathematics, as an interesting and rich academic pursuit, and about the diversity of students’ reasoning and problem-solving approaches.

All Kelley mathematics teachers design instruction and assessment in accordance with the PA Core Standards. These standards set high expectations in order to ensure that all students are college and career ready prior to graduation.  In addition, they promote opportunities to critically engage in mathematical problem solving.

As a school, we have selected the Math Expressions program to help us the needs of students. Additionally, teachers have access to ongoing professional development and use of the School District of Philadelphia’s Curriculum Engine to enhance their instruction.